Korea’s unique tastes


The D-day is almost on us and we are excited about The Himalayan Times International Food Festival as any of you. On November 3, you will get a chance to dig into cuisines from 16 countries at the BICC, Baneshwore and at the same time enjoy some awesome music and try your hand at the different games stalls.

One of the countries participating in THT Food Fest is South Korea.

Rice, noodles, vegetables, meats and tofu form the main food items in Korean cuisine. Their traditional meals are famous for the wide variety of side dishes that are prepared along with the main dish.

The special taste of Korean food comes from sesame oil, soya sauce, salt, vinegar, garlic, ginger and chilli paste that accompanies the dishes. Korean food is very nutritious consisting of fermented foods, vegetables and grains, soups and teas. Korean foods are mostly prepared by boiling, steaming or stir-frying. Korean dishes are a little sour, a little sweet and a bit salty.

Villa Everest Korean Food Restaurant will be holding the Korean stall this year again.

“We have been alternating the dishes we prepare for THT Food Fest. The response to our stall has been pretty good,” said owner Ang Dorje Sherpa.

The items on offer are Dhak Bulgoghi, Kim Bab and Yache Twigim.

Dhak Bulgoghi is chicken BBQ prepared in authentic Korean style. Kim Bab is a rolled green seaweed which consists of a number of vegetables and egg along with rice, while Yache twigim includes different kinds of vegetables that are deep fried.

All these items will be served with kimchi, which is fermented vegetables mixed with pepper, garlic and other spices to give it that unique taste. Kimchi is believed to stimulate a person’s appetite and is also considered to be a very nutritious food.

Tickets for THT Food Fest are priced at Rs 100, and Rs 50 for children below 4-feet in height. These are available at The Himalayan Times office (reception), Anamnagar (4770504), or at any of the participating restaurants’ outlets. Tickets will also be sold at the venue on the day of the fest.