Krazy 4 music lands Roshans in legal soup


These days in Bollywood, it has become a trend of sorts of ‘suing’ of the filmmaker/s just before the movie releases. This time, it’s the Roshans who are literally ‘facing the music’. The reason being, Ram Sampath, a 32 year old music composer, has dragged director Rakesh Roshan, his musician brother Rajesh Roshan, and their film company Filmkraft Productions Pvt Ltd, Super Cassettes Industries, Sony Ericsson and the ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi to court, alleging they have directly lifted ‘his’ music for their album Krazzy 4.

Ram, who has composed music for over 3,200 commercials, music soundtracks of films like Khakee and Let’s Talk, a remix for pop singer Justin Timberlake, had just received the prestigious advertising award ‘Abby’. He claims that the four tracks (the title track, Break Free, and their remix versions) have been lifted directly from his The Thump Is Here jingle he had created for Sony Ericsson mobile in 2007.

Ram has now sent a legal notice to the Roshans stating there were no credits given

to him for the music, and that it’s Rajesh Roshan’s name that figures in the credits list. While he has sought a damage of Rs 2 crores from the Roshans, the judge said he will hear both the music (the Sony Mobile commercial and Krazzzy 4) before taking up the hearing again on April 9.