Genre: Action

Director: Sunil Tiwari and Praful Tiwari

Cast: Amarjeet Shukla, Tulip Joshi, Lucky Ali, Deepal Shaw, Shahwar Ali, Sharat Saxena, Rauf Lala, Ishrat Ali, Vida Samadzai, Dayanand Shetty, Nagesh Bhonsle

Showing at Kumari Cinema Hall

KATHMANDU: Runway seems to be an experiment of debutant directors Sunil Tiwari and Praful Tiwari in Bollywood that has failed in the first attempt. The movie has nothing special to offer to its audience.

The movie centres on the story of Allan (Amarjeet Shukla), who is in love with Melvina (Deepal Shaw). Despite knowing Melvina is a drug addict, he wants to marry her. But she gets hospitalised on the day of their marriage due to complications created by her prolonged drug abuse. Allan does not have enough money required for her treatment so he joins the criminal gang of Anthony (Sharat Saxena) so as to earn money. He kills a casino owner as per the directions of Anthony but his own life is at risk after his first crime. During this venture he meets Shaini (Tulip Joshi) who is a bar dancer. And the story unfolds with unpredictable events that he encounters thereon.

Some parts of story are presented in flashback technique, while some parts are narrated. Lack of sufficient explanations behind the occurrence of particular events and incidents have has created a kind of setback in the movie. The plot is one of the weakest points in the movie as it is limited within the clichéd tale of a lover risking his life to save the life of his beloved. Even the ending of the movie is not logical enough to satisfy the curiosity of its viewers.

The movie though offers some taste of action, but in general it showcases dull performance by its actors. As per the acting is concerned, Tulip has given an impressive performance, though she does not seem to get enough space to show her work to the fullest throughout the movie. Amarjeet has failed to make an impression on his audience in his first movie, which might result into an unpromising future in Bollywood.

Deepal Shaw also does not have much to do and fails to make an impact. Lucky Ali though has tried his best to give justice to his role of a contract killer is a failure in the end.

Shamir Tandon as a musician is a big disappointment as he is unable to present anything special or different in this movie.

Rather than impress, this movie disappoints the audience.