Lara's serious: Akshay

MUMBAI: In the filmi circuit, Lara Dutta’s known to be not too friendly. Her co-star from Housefull, Akshay Kumar, remarks, “She’s a very serious person.

She doesn’t talk much.” To this, Lara says, “Yes I don’t talk much when I’m on the sets. You need to be serious about your work. I’m focussed about what I want to do, so I do that and leave.” But she doesn’t agree to the image that she’s not very friendly.

Watch me when I’m with my friends and you’ll agree that I’m fun-loving,” she said and adds, “About Akshay saying that I don’t talk much, well, with him around, who really gets a chance to talk. He does all the talking, so you are forced to keep quiet,” she smiles.