Laugh out loud

Suraj Khatri


Laughter is an expression of happiness and lifts up one’s mood and makes one feel energetic. The statement holds the truth that laughter is the best medicine. On one hand it’s considered to be a good tonic for mind and on the other it creates a wonderful positive effect on our body. Psychologists have proved that laughter has the power to prevent ailments and to keep the mental pressure at bay in various circumstances. It can trigger the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers and produce a general sense of being healthy.

Herbert Lefcourt, a renowned psychologist from the University of Waterloo in Canada has proved through his experiments that the power and capacity to appreciate humour can buffer the mood disturbances.

American doctors and health care professionals have claimed that when a person laughs, he takes in six times more air than he would even during deep breathing. This dramatic finding has given a new status in the field of medical science. Increased respiration, blood-circulation, hormonal and digestive enzyme secretion and a levelling of the blood pressure, etc, have been found possible through laughter. Doctors worldwide have been experimenting and the results has been outstanding that laughter is the best medicine. Laughter therapy has been in vogue now. Atmosphere is lightened up and the patients are made to laugh and different kinds of diseases are thus cured.

Patients and medical scholars have discovered that if the patients are open to the idea of merriment by sharing laughter maintaining positive attitude, they will certainly improve rapidly.