Learning is fun


Children are like little sponges, soaking up everything around them. Here are a few activities that you as a parent can get involved in and help your child learn.

One of the best ways to encourage intellectual growth in your child is to read to him/her. Reading should be a continuation of what you’ve already started when your child was just an infant. As they grow, you can broaden your child’s library of books.

Children love to look at pictures of other babies and children, so look for books with plenty of happy faces. Animals are almost always a source of fascination to small children, and the bigger variety of picture books you have with animals in them the better.

You should choose books with bright, colourful images. Most children love books that have lots of images on each page. S/he will pay close attention as you point each object

out and tell him/her what it is. This is a wonderful learning experience for your child. You are stimulating his/her curiosity and enhancing his/her vocabulary.

Take him/her to the park or simply walk around your garden and point out the different plants, insects, and birds that you see. If you have older children who are involved in extracurricular activities, such as sports and music, take your baby to their practices, games, and performances. Get in the habit of taking him to festivals. Even if you can’t stay for a long time stay for a little while just to expose your child to something new.

You can teach your child a love of learning by example. Although your children will take up a lot of your attention, you can still sit quietly while she plays nearby and read a newspaper or magazine. S/he may become curious and want to see what you are reading, or may want to copy you by sitting down with him/her own magazine or book and trying to read also.

Sing lots of songs with your child. It’s alright if you sing the same five or six songs every time. Children love repetition, and the repetitive sounds will help your child learn to speak new words. In no time at all, they will be singing along with you!

If your child attends a daycare or preschool, make sure that there are plenty of stimulating activities and lots of one-on-one time between him/her and the teacher. You can ask for a daily schedule, and examine the books and other hands-on activities that your child will be taking part in. — essortment.com