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Learning lessons: Home is our first school

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Yes, home for anyone is the first school where s/he learns. Things learnt at home help them to lead a good life later on. Children who are taught good lessons from home show good behaviour towards everyone. There are many things that need to be taught to every child. Some of them are discipline, fulfilling duty towards society and nation. Children should be taught decent manners and how to behave infront of others, they should also be taught how to use their knowledge and brains in the best possible way and of course they should be taught the responsibility towards society and nation as well.

— Anjan Gurung, Brisbane, Australia

It is true that home is the first school of a child. The brain of the child is so blank that what he sees is what he understands and does. So, parents have sole responsibility for the formation of a child’s character. The first thing that a child should learn is good habits, without which he may not be liked by anyone in society. Second is his culture and tradition, which is a must and the third and most important thing is the value of life. In today’s context, teenagers are misusing the precious life that they have been blessed with.

— Ganga, Pokhara

When a baby is born, parents become child’s first and most important teachers. It is often said that home is the first school and parents are the best teachers for a child. They should provide such an environment so that their child can easily cope with situational learning. Kids must be nurtured and brought up to match with the school education at home before they go to school. We know child’s brain is just like a white sheet of paper. Whatever is said or done kids promptly mimic and behave accordingly. Good manners are the first thing parents must teach their kids. They should behave well with all members of family so the child learns from home and behaves the same way in school too which would enhance their leaning. A good mannered child attracts teachers and gets love and nurturing from them. Second important thing is to provide adequate information to kids. So that the child can atleast say his name and other simple stuff. The third thing is a child must be taught to listen to others. Parents must teach their children the habit of listening to others, this can be done by patiently listening to the child or to other members of family. Learning does not mean merely knowing alphabets and numbers. Good manners, punctuality, regularity must also be taught then only parents aspirations will be fulfilled. For a child school is an introduction to a world outside the family unit and parents must prepare them for it teaching them at home make the new generation a good and great one.

— Hari Sharma, Bharatpur

Parents are the best guides who lead us to the path of enlightenment. Parents must teach children lessons of ethical values, which applies for lifetime. Secondly, it is very important to teach that hard work eventually and definitely pays. Parents, being the best leaders, must teach their kids that patience is the foundation of success.

— Krisha Amatya, Kumaripati, Lalitpur

A child’s first school is his/her mother’s womb where s/he receives tender care and feels safe until s/he is born. According to Hindu mythology, a home is everything for a child as it gives the child a feeling of security, safety and happiness. A home, for a child, is a small world surrounded with parents and rest of the family members and an environment mingled with their love until s/he grows up. It’s a fact that every child receives his/her first education at home. The education s/he receives is totally influenced by the environment of the house. It is this which will shape the child’s life. Say a child is born in a house where the parents quarrel everyday, the child tends to perceive it as normal behavioural pattern. Likewise, a child born in musical environment, educational environment, political environment etc tends to accept such behaviour. Parents have different ways of teaching their children. Although, what they teach may not resemble my idea, but I feel besides formal education, parents should teach their children to (a) obey and respect people older than them, we should not ruin our rich culture, but help preserve it, (b) the second lesson I suggest is to make them adaptable to any situations to live in this material world (c) last but not the least, my suggestion would be to teach them not to have access to money whenever needed. Apart from that, parents must be always conscious and watch their behaviour frequently so as to make them responsible people in society.

— Malika Shrestha

Learning the first lessons in the home during their childhood is very important as it plays a great role in their future life. Education during that period will form a good habit which will last till death. The three things that parent or guardians must teach children are as follows. The first thing they have to teach is discipline by which they will not be wayward and will have good character. Secondly they have to teach them to be physically fit, so that they have good health to work hard. Thirdly they have to inspire their children, so children become courageous to compete in any field. These three lessons will make their children able and competent for being a good citizen in society.

— Mohan Narshing Shrestha, Jwagal 10,

Kupondol, Lalitpur

How a child will grow up to be depends on what he’s been taught at home, and not merely the formal education he acquires. Parents and guardians play an important role in shaping up a child’s future. According to me, the three things that parents/guardians must teach a child are- independence, optimism and being sociable. A child must be made to do his own work from the very beginning, starting from easy and simple tasks such as polishing his own shoes or dressing up for school. It is important that a child knows that he cannot forever depend on others to do his work. Secondly, a child must be taught to have a positive outlook towards life, so that he remains strong enough to cope up with different obstacles he’ll have to face later on in his life. Thirdly, a child must be made sociable from the very beginning. Parents must take their child to family gatherings, introduce him to new people and make sure he has a number of friends in order to ensure that he grows up to be interactive and social.

— Sadichchha Pokharel, Kupondole

School is an institution that imparts ‘knowledge’ to children but it is always the home that instils in them the ‘values’ for life. Education in the absence of any of these is futile. The three values that every parent should instill in their children are hard work, humanity and honesty. In this modern world of competition, where at every block, hurdles lie to stumble you; it is only through hard work with which you can surpass it. Intelligence may show you the way but it is only through hard work that you can achieve it.

Children should also be taught the importance of humanity and the fact that it is greater than any religion, caste or creed. If the children are able to put this thought in their mind, then in the future, it’ll lead to a world that is more peaceful where everyone respects the existence of another.

They should be taught that honesty is a virtue which helps you earn the respect of other people. And even better, being honest to yourself gives you an opportunity to grow into a better and a greater person. And that, my friend, is the essence of life.

Happy parenting!

— Avishek Karky

Children receive their first education in their homes from their parents/ guardians which helps them to develop a strong base not only for their further formal education but also for the overall growth of their personality. The old saying Charity begins at home’’ clarifies the importance of moral values taught in homes. Of course, parents/guardians must teach children all the vital lessons of life. But in my personal opinion, these three things are a must that parents/ guardians ought to teach their children:

Life was created by a Creator and did not form by itself, so there is a need to abide by His rules. Self-respect comes from self-dependency, so doing our best (studying hard, working honestly) to build our career helps us a lot throughout our lives even though it tends to be boring when we are young and just playing seems to be so cool.

Responsibilities fulfilled towards our family, mother earth and humanity is

actually ‘enjoying our rights to serve’. It gives us inner pleasure and great satisfaction which money cannot buy and gives us the sense of being part of the whole universe.

— Cool Cristofer, Lake Side

Home is the first school for every child where one can learn the essential qualities that will help them in different facets of their lives. I think good mannerism like giving respect to seniors, love to juniors and being disciplined are a few things which should be taught to children. Moreover, ‘Diligence is known as the mother of good fortune’ thus parents should teach children to be diligent no matter in what field they are engaged with; whether in studies or play. Finally, the most important thing is punctuality which will help them to understand the value of time that will lead them towards a bright future.

— Devi Sherpa, Pokhara

n Since childhood (now we are more than sixty) we have tried to obey the following guidelines that our parents gave to us.

1) We promised to do our best to love God. After all, he first loved us and died for us by sending his son to save us.

2) To obey the laws of our country and to be upright citizens.

3) To help other people every day, but especially those in our home. To help in small ways as well as big ways and to love others as oneself.

These things have helped us throughout our life. Parenting and teaching children is a life long process. A process that we will possibly never reach the end of !

May we also say how touched we are by the way families in Nepal care for each other.

— Dover

n As the great educationist John Dewey has said, “Education begins at the mother’s knees”. I completely agree with him. Home is the first place where the child receives his first education. The child takes his first step towards life at home. He learns to walk, he learns to talk, and he learns to eat at home. These are the basic things that a child learns at home. Besides these I feel that, it is very important for parents themselves to be a role model their children. Children learn by observing so it is very necessary for parents themselves to set an example for their child.

Secondly, language plays an important part in our lives. So, I feel that it is very important for parents to teach children correct

language. For this, they themselves have to make sure that they speak

nicely and avoid using words that they would not want their child to use. Lastly, but nevertheless. Parents must give proper guidance to their child. They should help them gain confidence so that they gain the strength to face every difficulty in life.

— Shama Parvate

Child, the symbol of love, heart filled with innocence and truth, has always been successful in winning the heart of elders. Home is the first school for the child and the parents are the first teacher. Therefore I think parents must teach following things.

First is discipline. It is one of the important factors required for a man to lead a happy life. It is needed to achieve success in all our deeds. Moreover it creates a good impression on others. Second is to live in harmony and cooperation because it is this factor that will help the child to work and adjust himself in society. Lastly, parents must teach their children to respect time because time is the only thing which, if we respect we’ll earn respect and success. These three things are very important and is compulsory to that parents teach their children for a better future.

— Sujan Shrestha, Chhetrapati

Among thousands of things that parents should teach their children according to me the three things parents must teach their children are; to believe in Himself because when you believe in yourself, you can do anything. The second thing is that one should never lose heart if one makes any mistake or looses something because one who never makes mistakes never learns anything from life. The third thing is to love and enjoy everything around you but fulfil your responsibilities responsibly.

— Surakshya Pradhan,LRI School

The three things that a parent must teach their children are as follows:

1. Time is precious.

There is nothing as precious as time. Somebody once said, “You should do what you ought to when you ought to, to be able to get all you want, when you want to.” We all should remember the great adage, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

2. There is a difference between charisma and character.

A charismatic person has to keep ‘pulling rabbits out of the hat.’ And once his tricks wear out, he loses identity and power. A man of class and character, on the other hand, truly endures all hardships and emerges a winner. So,

know the difference and strive for integrity, honesty and timeless wisdom inherent in a person who has true character.

3. Beware of what you

become in pursuit of what you want.

Today most people, mostly youngsters embrace all means (fair or otherwise) to gratify their pursuit for instant gratification. Love, meaningful relationships and commitment have become obsolete terminologies. They embrace ‘quick fix and shortcut approaches’ to money making and career choices as well. Remember Judas from the bible. He had the money but whenever we hear the name Judas doesn’t it ring a bell? He was Judas after all, the Traitor. Judas hanged himself out of sheer guilt. So let’s be aware of what we become pursuing what we want.

— Dr Ujjwal Bikram Khadka, Atterkhel, Jorpati

n Home is the first school and parents are the first teachers for every child. Health is wealth so, children should be taught by their parents how to maintain hygienic and sanitary habit, which will keep them healthy. This way they can be mentally and physically fit to work. Secondly, the child should learn to be enthusiastic and curious, which will help them to be creative rather than just followers in society. Thirdly, they should learn to respect others so that s/he will have good relations with others throughout life.

— Jeeban Panthi, Tripureshwor

n According to me, the first that parents must teach a child is to respect elders and love juniors. Second is to be independent in any kind of situation or work and third is to work hard for a better life.

— Aabhas Pokharel

n Home is the first place where children learn the basic things in life. These teachings will have a long term or a life time impact on children. For a child a mother is the first teacher. So, the first thing I would like to teach my children is a belief in God, which is the foremost thing any child should learn. Even if no one teaches a child about the existence of God, God himself will make the child realise that beyond their imagination there is something which is managing the whole system of this universe so perfectly. The miraculous part of

this lesson is that it will

help them stay in the right path forever. The second thing I would want to teach them would be the way of living life. They should learn to live their life in a disciplined manner. This

will help them be exemplary human beings in society. For this the foundation should be very strong from the beginning.

The third thing I would want to teach them would be patience and gratefulness. These two words are key to satisfaction. God is with those who are patient. So, one has to be patient in difficult times and has to show gratefulness to God in whatever he has.

If my children learn these three things and implement it then I will feel that I have completed the most important duty of my life.

— Amrita Karki Kunwar, Tahachal

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