Leaves of life


Artist duo Samjhana Rajbhandari (Amatya) and Bidhata KC has drawn comparisons between human life and the life of trees in their exhibition titled ‘Trees and Leaves’ at Baryo Fiesta, Naxal. Organised jointly by Q’ Art and the Design Studio, it was inaugurated by Bonnie Ellison, VP Managing Director of Ama Ghar, on May 24.

Samjhana’s collection was all about trees, while Bidhata had captured different nuances of leaf. Samjhana pointed out that the relation between trees and leaves also symbolise the friendship between Bidhata and her.

Samjhana’s trees were mainly bare and stooping, which she believes in a way depicts the present state of the country. She has mostly used black colour for trees in the canvas filled with different colours. She also pointed out the presence of her favourite colour blue in most of her paintings. “I believe that different stages of a trees’ life resembles a human life. Like the different branches of a tree, we humans also follow different paths in life,” she added.

With a single huge leaf with its veins or a falling leaf, Bidhata has brought variety and dimension to a simple thing like leaf. According to her, a leaf’s life is so short and tender, yet within this momentary life, it radiates a sense of joy and beauty to others before vanishing back to nature. This, she thinks, is similar to our lives. While some of her paintings showed intricate details of a leaf, some were more semi-abstract.

One other similarity between their creations was the minimal use of basic colours. One could see more of different shades of secondary colours.

The exhibition is on till June 13.