Let’s jazz it up


When it comes to music, who wouldn’t agree with the folklores that’s floated throughout history? If music can do wonders, it indeed can nurse the agonies of the millions in the planet. And music alone could be the way of expressing solidarity in our struggle and desire for peace. Jazzmandu, the Kathmandu Jazz Festival, was initiated with no other objective than this — to bring the powers of Jazz music to the Himalayan country and spread the gospel of peace the world over.

Casting its jazzy spell amidst the enchanting magnificence of the Himalayan kingdom, the festival also aims to promote Nepal as an extraordinary tourist destination. The festival also promotes music education and cultural exchange through workshops, competitions for young

musicians and free shows for the general public. “In 10 years time, we expect the festival to become as famous as the Montreal Jazz Festival and the North Sea Jazz Festival,” says Mahesh Sajnani of Upstairs Ideas Pvt Ltd.

Jazzmandu 2005, will feature bands from Canada, India and Norway, as well as musicians from the US, Switzerland and Spain. For the first time, it offers a platform ‘Jazz for the Next Generation’ for Nepali musicians under the age of 24 to showcase their talents. The winning band, who’ll be judged by the visiting international musicians, will get an opportunity to perform at Gorkarna with some of the top international bands featured at the festival.

Jazz on Nov 4:

Jazz for the Next Generation

Time: 4:00 pm

Venue: Yala Maya Kendra

- Patan Dhoka

Ticket:  Rs.75

Valley Jams

Time: 7:30pm onwards

Ticket: Rs. 300

Venues: Lasoon (Jawlakhel), 1905