Let’s make a revolution

Himalayan News Service


In a predominantly stagnant Nepali music industry where most bands don’t play their instruments and everything sounds and looks manufactured, Robin N Looza sticks out like a thumb, if not a sore one. The band’s debut has been a revelation and has even spawned a number of clones today all across the capital. Robin’s live shows have been energetic thanks to an exceptionally tight rhythm section and a charismatic frontman and their anthemic songs have taken them from strength to strength in the years past. With a desire of playing different genres of music and with a couple of new songs already under his belt, Robin has recently recruited several members for a project which has now come to be known as Robin & The New Revolution. The members of this band are definitely not new to the music scene.

Rajesh is a very experienced drummer who has, in the past, been playing for various bands. Bassist Prabin is an accomplished studio musician and Dipesh, who plays the lead guitar, is an arranger. And unlike in the past, you’ll see Robin playing rhythm (on his sunburst Fender) guitar as well.

Limiting members to just one band can be suffocating for musicians, and thankfully, this is not the case with the Revolution. Each member has the freedom to pursue any project he wants. Robin & The New Revolution has hit the market with there new album ‘Keta/Keti’ which was recorded at BMI studios and marketed by SAV. One of the focal points of the album is the interviews which precede each of the eight songs. The frontman himself set out on a task of interviewing people on the streets about what they thought of the topics of the songs. A novel concept, indeed! Expect a few more clones. So, what are the songs all about?

“Patriotism, politicians, drugs and the present messed up situation of the country,” says a band member.

All that backed up by a steady mix of funk, blues, slow rock and folk tunes. The music is composed collectively by the band, although the final decision is up to Robin. There’s not much fooling around, and as always, it’s in your face. What ultimately matters after all that rocking and rolling is enjoying each other’s company. That’s what makes a band click, and that’s what Robin & The New Revolution seem to have achieved. Following it’s immense success in the past, Surya Nepal Pvt Ltd is bringing together yet another stellar ensemble of the most popular singers of the Nepali pop music at Bhrikutimandap on June 18. “Shikhar Lights Music Concert” which is a one-day grand music concert will feature Raju Lama, Kranti Ale, Rabin and The New Revolution, Angel Band, Sabin Rai, Nima Rumba and 1974 AD. The bands will be performing live for an enthusiastic crowd.