Let’s move forward

Strike - this has perhaps become the most commonly used word in the country. It has almost become a fashion.

However, it has also become one of the biggest problems that our country faces, and something that has taken our country backward.

A feeling has arisen among people that this is the best way to get their demands fulfiled. They hold strikes to get their grievances addressed. It has badly influenced students. Nowadays students are the ones who are most probable to go on strikes. They abstain from attending classes which has not only hampered their studies but created indiscipline. The main reason for this is that they are influenced by political parties. Parties have their student unions, which has also added to this cause. People are worried about strikes which can take place anytime, anywhere in our country and it has really affected all Nepalis citizens. This has, in a way, led to the problem of unemployment.

During strikes, transportation facilities are halted, which affect the industry and all business-related activities because of which they will go into loss.

I would like to request everyone to take recourse of negotiations but not strikes. And I will also like the government to address the demands of the people. And hope that the demands made by the people are feasible, not only for individual gain but for the country’s progress.

Jai Nepal!

— Pratik Pokharel, St Joseph School, Biratnagar