The most romantic thing anyone can do for me is to take me for a long walk, if possible on the beach.

— Malvika Subba, former Miss Nepal

The most romantic day of my life was the day I got married. As for my best Valentine’s Day, I think it will be tomorrow as I have one more girl in my life whom I love very much — that is my new-born daughter. — Sugam Pokharel, singer

I experienced the most romantic moment of my life three days ago at a dance party where I saw the most amazing person. One romantic thing anyone can do for me is spend some time with my paintings and know me through them. — Bikrant Shrestha, artist

My guy always makes things special for me. In the first three months, he used to give me a rose everyday. The most romantic thing he did for me so far is that he proposed to me in front of both our parents. — Pooja Gurung, VJ

I don’t romance, I’m a very practical person. I think love needs to be nurtured every single day of the year. Love me for other 364 days of the year, but not on the commercialised day — this would be great for me. — Abhaya Subba, singer

Everyday is a Valentine’s Day for me. The most memorable Valentine’s Day was the time when we planned a lot on how to celebrate it, but on the very day we got so busy we could not celebrate it at all. — Nalina Chitrakar, singer

Three or four years ago, my husband gave me a card saying ‘You are the spice of my life’ and inside there was a picture of chili. I’ll remember that forever. The most romantic thing he has done is when he called me up at one in the morning and sang for me (before our marriage). — Srijana Singh Yonzan

My tour of South Korea starts on Februay 14, and if I could, I would delay it for a day and spend this Valentine’s Day with my wife. — Nirakar Yakthumba, musician 1974 AD