Liam Hemsworth's easy chemistry with Cyrus

LOS ANGELES: Liam Hemsworth thinks the close bond he formed with Miley Cyrus made them give better performances in 'The Last Song'.

Liam Hemsworth claims it was "easy" to develop good chemistry with Miley Cyrus.

The Australian actor embarked on a relationship with his 'Last Song' co-star while they were shooting the movie and believes their off-set closeness helped them give a better performance.

He said: "We spent every day together in Georgia. We were on the set together and hanging out together every day. So for me and her, it wasn't hard to create a good chemistry on screen because we enjoy being around each other in real life. It was just easy."

In the movie, Miley's character Ronnie falls in love with Will, played by Liam, and the 20-year-old hunk admits he particularly enjoyed the kissing scenes with the 17-year-old star.

He added to "I guess we did kiss a lot in the film. The hardest thing was the first kiss. Once you got that out of the way, kissing was fun."

Despite his closeness to Miley, Liam insists he is generally not good with women and doesn't take rejection well.

He explained: "I'm nothing like my character in the film, not at all, to be honest. He's very persistent when Miley's character gives him the brush off.

"If I was to get turned down by a girl, I'd just give up and say, 'Oh well.' I don't have any of that kind of motivation to keep going. I would just be embarrassed and would try to never think about it again if I was to get turned down. I would find it humiliating."