Liam Hemsworth's last song loven for Miley

LOS ANGELES: Liam Hemsworth says 'The Last Song' was ''the best thing'' he has ever worked on.

Liam Hemsworth loved working on 'The Last Song'.

The Australian actor, who met his now-girlfriend Miley Cyrus on the set of the movie, admits he is delighted to be a part of the drama film because of the camaraderie on set.

He said: "It's the best thing I worked on. No one wanted it to end. It's my first big film in the States. It's huge. It was incredible"

Liam also enjoyed doing his own stunts for the film - despite admitting he wasn't expecting to be involved in shooting scenes with animals.

He explained: "I got to shoot with sharks all day. They asked me before we started shooting, and I lied and said I'd played a lot before. I honestly thought we'd get stunt doubles coming in."

Despite being so far away from his native land, the 19-year-old star - who made his name in Australian TV soap 'Neighbours - felt at east filming in Georgia because it reminded him so much of home.

He said: "I grew up on a little island in Australia and Tybee Island was like that. You get to know the locals."

'The Last Song' tells the tale of Miley's character Ronnie Miller, who is shipped to a southern town to stay with her father for a summer.

While there she meets local boy Will Blakelee, played by Liam, and the two connect through a mutual love of music.

'The Last Song' is released in the US on March 31.