Life in all its glory

Life is not only about pleasure, it is also about pain and despair. Unthinkable things happen. Sometimes everything turns upside down. Bad things happen to good people. Some things are beyond control, such as physical disability and birth defects. We cannot choose our parents or the circumstances of our birth. But we make a lot of choices in our lives. We should go with the flow.

Although we cannot always choose our circumstances, we can choose our attitude. It is what we choose that counts. The choice is either to act like a victor or a victim. It is not our position but our disposition that determines our destiny.

It takes both rain and sunshine to create a rainbow. Our lives are no different. There is happiness and sorrow, failure and success. If we can handle adversity, it only strengthens us. We cannot control all the events that happen in our lives, but we can always take precautions. We should just have patience and passion.