Life in black and white


In a world of colours, black and white photographs of rural people do make a difference at how one looks at the hues of life. Siddhartha Art Gallery is showcasing an exhibition of photography ‘Spectrum of Moments’ by Sushma Amatya. The photographs have mainly been inspired by rural life and projects the happy, working and serious life of people living in the remote villages of Nepal and Bangladesh.

The photographs are from a collection that Amatya has taken over the past seven years in various regions of Nepal and Bangladesh in course of her work and while travelling through these amazing regions.

What can be seen in the shades of white and black cannot be captured in colourful photography, which would divert the motive of the person behind the lens in captivating and portraying the stark reality of life. She has also captured some candid moments, which gives a different angle to her photographs.

A tattooed head of a tourist in Kathmandu, silhouettes in Banderban, early morning at Ilam and sky view forest of Ilam are some of the pictures which are worth a look.

Art for Amatya is the way people conduct lives and the way things present themselves in a certain form and mood and that is what she says she likes to see from behind the lens and capture them for real. She finds rural settings unique and never ceases to be amazed at the way people who live in what we think are difficult circumstances and go about their life so peacefully. These are all evident in her photographs. (The exhibition is on till March 1)