Life Lines


She takes it as her first step at being recognised as an individual, and in her first solo exhibition, young student artist Deewa Shrestha tries to trace the possible ways towards it.

Organised by the Rotary Club of Yala, the exhibition ‘Tracing… a path’ comprises more than 20 of Shrestha’s painting. French Ambassador Michel Jolivet inaugurated it on June 16, with senior artist Basta Gopal Baidya also gracing the occasion.

Geometric figures and meandering lines are very prominent in Shrestha’s paintings, which are mostly in watercolour.

“The paintings are mostly abstract. Through the lines, I have tried to show the directions in my life,” Shrestha said.

Triangles seem to speak her thoughts on immediate professional success,

and her fears on the difficulty to “maintain the balance”. Small human

figures moving through well-directed lines can also be seen.

The proceeds from the sales of the artwork will go towards a girl child project being run by the Rotary club.

“I would also like to dedicate this exhibition of mine to them,” Shrestha said.

The exhibition is on till June 18