To have a deeper understanding of how time is perceived, listen carefully to the negative terminology women often use in association with time. For example:

•I don’t have any time.

•Time is running out.

•I am not getting any younger.

•I wish the time would move faster.

•When will the weekend arrive?

When the above statements are repeated, it conditions the mind to perceive time as a scarce resource. Instead of using time wisely, women end up losing time and energy. Furthermore, the last two statements conflict with the idea that time is lacking by proclaiming a devastating desire to carelessly waste time. A cluttered mind filled with conflicting perceptions causes confusion and blurs our vision. Unlearn the dichotomies of preconceived notions regarding time. To succeed, women must abandon unproductive and destructive habits that keep them stuck. Though the way women honour, use and perceive time is an acquired habit, it is never too late. The investment of time made today to unlearn what does not work will clear up cluttered minds and energise and balance life.

To rid yourself of old habits and create new ones, the mind needs to be disciplined, as it will fight to return to its set ways. In the beginning, start small:

•Set aside 15 minutes of uninterrupted time a day for yourself.

•For the first few days keep a log of what doesn’t work in your life until you can’t think of further problems.

•Pay special attention to things that bother you, as these are the clues to your inner state of being.

•If you can’t get to the bottom of bothersome situations, don’t beat yourself up. Instead seek a life coach.

•Next, write how you would want your ideal life to be.

•Now stretch the 15 minutes to 25 and in that time do something you love — take a walk, dance, practice yoga, meditate, do Tai Chi, paint, sing, etc.

When women engage their minds in something they enjoy, their level of concentration increases, resulting in increased vitality. Spending time relaxing on a regular basis will eventually dissipate negative memories and fuel women with the life force they need to handle all their responsibilities. Relaxed minds move effortlessly toward desired results, while cluttered minds keeps women stuck. By giving themselves the gift of time, women are honoring and using the most precious resource they have — the woman within. Over time, relaxation will cause tainted perceptions to lose their tight grip on the mind. One day, in the middle of chaos, the memory of bliss experienced during relaxation will kick in automatically without any effort. That will be the test of time and women will know that the newly found habit is here to stay. Don’t stop. Keep the practice going. Just as bodies require food, minds require relaxation. The daily practice of relaxation will ensure that you effectively meet your increasing demands. Most importantly, it will allow self-expression in what you choose to do. — Agencies