Life’s everyday chores

Have you ever noticed that your life repeats itself everyday? You wake up in the morning, wash and freshen up. You have breakfast and rush off to school, college or maybe even work. You return home in the evening, exhausted and after dinner, you reflect on the day and go off to sleep in your cozy little bed. Doesn’t life seem just so boring? Well, this is all thanks to something we all call routine.

We follow a series of events everyday all thanks to routine. Teenagers do not want anything to do with something that parents call discipline. ‘A scheduled life is a disciplined life’. This is, according to our dear parents. This is in total contrast to what most teenagers think. We believe that as long as we get the job done somehow within the given deadline, routine is just another redundant burden.

A person who sets a routine has no backup plan for one of the most common events — a last-minute dinner invitation, or a phone call from a friend asking you to come immediately, or maybe even a blackout. These last-minute unplanned events spoil any routine, no matter how carefully planned. For example, you are supposed to be studying when you receive a phone call from you loved one. How many of us can say, “Honey, please do not bother me right now. I have to study for two hours. I have no time for you at the moment. Could you maybe call me back after two hours?” (Well, even if someone did, the reply would be, “We’re over jerk!”). A talk with a boyfriend or a girlfriend lasts (from experience) at least for over an hour. Now, there goes your plan to study. I believe that if there’s anything you want to do, do it. Forget schedules or anything that disallows you to do what you want to do. Decide what you want to study when you study.