n Games and sports teach us that time is of the greatest importance in everyone’s life. They teach us that we should always try hard to succeed. Looking at those players playing for and defending their country, we can learn that love for one’s country should be instilled in everyone’s heart. They also sports enable us to accept the truth of life that life is a sequence of triumphs and defeats.

— Krisha Amatya

n Martial arts among other sports teaches self-defence. However, many take up this form to emulate what they have learnt in real life and often fights and brawls ensue because that person thinks s/he is invincible because s/he knows the art to hurt others.

— Neeta Adhikari

n I believe that sports depict life. Many of the happenings in sports like success, failure, anger, happiness and sometimes misfortune all portray life’s upheavals. Sports help to develop amity and friendship, and gain a comprehensive outlook of the world. Sport is also about passion and endurance, maybe about money and can be a battle field for some, but most importantly it is a medium to develop brotherhood and friendship. After all, after every clash of the titans, there is the exchange of T-shirts.

— Bhawana Amatya

n We can learn a lot of things from the World Cup — to choose the right shot at a right the time in and have to respect for time.

— Dipesh Dangol

n Sports teaches us the lessons of commitment and dedication with hard work playing the major role. We learn to develop skills and strategies for life and way of living. I’d like to add that along with the real players, the virtual players are also playing the game with their minds.

— Pushkar Baral

Yes, life’s valuable lessons can be collected from sports and games. A true sports person, who respects sportsmanship, is bound to be a great human being. Human emotions are the colours of life which is seen vibrantly in events like the FIFA World Cup. Moreover, the feelings of respect for others, for their talents and skills regardless of anything is what we are taught from such sports. Just watching the games on TV gives us such mental experiences that leave a mark in our brains for our whole life.

— Geshan Manandhar

Games and sports are for recreational purpose, but their purpose don’t stop here. They teach us discipline, leadership, sportsmanship and cooperation.

— Niranjan Udas

Life is round like a soccer and its journey is like the the match. There are tackles, fouls and selfishness. The ultimate goal is the success one achieves and the pleasure obtained therein. Sweat, toil, tears and blood are necessary to win a match and so it is in life as well. Team work and team spirit are the lessons to be learnt.

— Manish

The soccer World Cup has not only spread 100 per cent entertainment and excitement, but has also helped bridge the gap between two people of different classes, two friends, and the entire human family.

— Rajesh Agrawal

In today’s world, we have become like machines with a fixed daily routine. We have no time for rest and recreation. We always run after money and that has made us selfish. However, games and sports unite world into one and bring our heart together encouraging universal brotherhood.

— Amish Ratna Sthapit

Games and sports help us develop concentration, foster the feeling of team work, increase confidence in one’s self and keep one fit and healthy.

— Dibya

Sports teaches us a valuable lesson. It teaches us that life is full of struggle and that the one who plays hard, wins.

— Tameti KC

If we play games and sports, we can strengthen our bodies and minds. It teaches us discipline. We can learn how to observe the rules and regulations. Furthermore, we can learn how be a leader.

— Sushil Raj Giri

Some valuable lessons we can learn are team work, team support, good rapport between players, team’s goal/achievement.

— Kopila Rai

You learn discipline and to follow the rules and regulations that rule the game. It teaches you the value of time.

— Tika KC

Life is somewhat like a football match in which one team loses and the other wins. Games and sports teaches one to lose with dignity, without losing one’s heart.

— Narayan Singh

Life is about enjoying and not just about thinking about the next thing. Games and sports teach us to grab the moment and give our best shot. The rest is all bakwaas.

— Milan Rai

We’ve seen mountaineers by the hundreds climbing mountains every year. This shows the indomitable human spirit that is able to conquer anything and everything if we put our heart to it. If we can conquer such huge physical mountains, then we can conquer the mountains of our real life too.

— Shradha Ghimire