Lily Allen wants Rid of Watch

LONDON: Lily Allen is desperate to sell her new designer watch, which cost almost £4,000, because it is too big for her.

Lily Allen is desperate to sell her new designer watch.

The 'Fear' singer splashed out on the exclusive timepiece while she was in Europe but just hours later she begged fans to buy it from her after realising it doesn't fit.

She wrote on her Twitter page: "Does anyone want to buy a brand new Breitling. its too big for me. 3200 quid, i bought it for 4440 euro, so id be making a loss... God I'm an idiot (sic)."

It appears Lily bought the watch at Nice airport, in France, because she was frantically trying to contact a jewellery shop located there shortly after making her purchase.

She said: "I need to find a phone number for this watch shop in Nice airport. Proving quite difficult. Help!"

Earlier this week, Lily was celebrating when she won £3,000 after placing a bet at a casino during her stay in Monaco.

She bragged: "In monaco, Just went gambling , put down 100 , won 3000. Walked away... (sic).