His paintings are mostly of human figures, belonging to various cultures of Nepal. However, the crisscrossing lines done with glass-marking pencil, which is present in all the paintings is the most interesting part of this collection.

Explains the artist, Prithvi Shrestha, “Our body is made of almost-fixed lines. However, when there is movement, the lines find more space to move ab-out. I imagined for once how the lines would look were they visible to our eyes.”

In the paintings of the exhibition entitled ‘Visible Lines’ at the Art Shop, Durbar Marg, Shrestha has used mixed media on canvass.

Middle-aged woman winnows the chaff, Madhesi woman sits in modest posture with Mithila art visible behind her, Newari man rests in shade — all the paintings highlight the traditional lives of the people. “I feel at home in the traditional cultures,” Shrestha says. “We have a different life in cities, but we always long for such life.” The exhibition is on till December 29.