Lohan changed after trip to India

HOLLYWOOD: Troubled star Lindsay Lohan has returned from her humanitarian trip to India "a changed woman", her mother Dina Lohan has claimed.

The "Mean Girls' star's mother also says that she was "humbled and moved" by the plight of the children she saw while filming a BBC documentary about human trafficking in India, New York Post reported.

The 23-year-old actress has had a tumultuous past ridden with drug addiction and stints at the rehab. She is well known on the celebrity the party scene and has been booked for driving under influence more than once.

But her mother is convinced that her trip to India has changed Lindsay as a person, who is willing to do more such philanthropic work.

"Lindsay definitely wants to give more back. We are now planning a trip to help the children of Guatemala, which will be filmed by Oprah's network," said Dina.