Lohan snubs Ronson’s show

LONDON: Lindsay Lohan has branded Samantha Ronson's new reality TV show "dumb".

The 'Mean Girls' actress was reportedly furious when her on/off girlfriend asked her to appear in her new show, which will follow her jet-setting life as a celebrity DJ.

An insider claims Lindsay told Samantha: "A show about your life? I'm trying to get my career back on track and you want me to appear on your dumb reality show?"

The 23-year-old star is said to be worried the programme would "paint her in a bad light".

Lindsay is believed to have financial troubles after struggling to land a major film part for some time.

She has also faced criticism for her constant partying, substance abuse and tumultuous love life.

Lindsay and Samantha are renowned for their blazing rows. Last month, the couple were caught on video having a screaming fight.

Lindsay spent two hours sitting on her 31-year-old lover's doorstep with an unknown woman until Samantha turned up.

The tearful actress sobbed: "Samantha, where were you? You lost it, what's wrong with you."

The DJ continued to ask Lindsay who the female was.

When Lindsay said the "friend" had tried to touch her, Samantha demanded she left immediately.

After the aggressive exchange the pair finally entered the house and slammed the door behind them, while the unknown female caught a taxi home.