Lopez reaches settlement in dog case

JENNIFER LOPEZ and her husband MARC ANTHONY have settled a court case with a woman who alleges she was injured by the couple's dog.

The stars were sued last month (Nov09) by flight attendant Lisa Wilson, who claims she suffered serious back problems after the couple's German Shepherd, Floyd, knocked her over on the pair's private jet in 2006.

They reached a confidential statement on Monday (21Dec09) - after Wilson's lawyer presented testimonies from two of the couple's former employees who were also allegedly attacked.

A year after Wilson's incident, Floyd is said to have bitten the arm of the couple's personal assistant and bruised a housekeeper by headbutting her.

Wilson's attorney William Cafaro maintains both unnamed workers were forced to seek medical help after the incidents.

He tells the New York Daily News, "Both employees testified (in depositions) that the attacks were not reported to authorities."

The personal assistant alleged the couple got rid of the canine after the attack, although singer Anthony testified he got rid of the dog because it was "high maintenance".

West Wing star NiCole Robinson purchased Floyd, who was trained by police in Germany, for $35,000 (£21,875) in 2007.