Love, life for Lopez

WASHINGTON: Rap star Sean ‘P Diddy’ is seemingly on an intensive drive to woo back ex-love, Jennifer Lopez. He reportedly gifted her a $7,20,000 diamond necklace for this Valentine’s Day. The ‘Bad Boys’ Records boss wanted to give the newly single Lopez a surprise before the mushy February day. So he hid the beautiful and expensive jewellery inside a CD case and sent it to her.“He wants Jennifer back for keeps. Ever since she broke up with Ben, he’s been out to woo her back,” quoted a source in TeenHollywood. They added, “He told her he wanted some input on some music he’s working on and was going to send her some CDs to listen to. He hid the necklace in one of the CD cases and told Jennifer to listen to that one first.”

On the other hand, sources close to the “My Love Don’t Cost A Thing” singer have revealed that the stunning gift has made her reconsider their future together. An insider disclosed, “It’s a stunning piece of jewellery — a platinum necklace holding a single heart made of gorgeous diamonds. It’s the ultimate romantic gift. He totally surprised Jennifer by sending it to her days before Valentine’s Day.” A touched Lopez reportedly told a close friend, “This is so unexpected and beautiful.”

But P Diddy might not quite make it what it reports of J Lo’s new love coming in each day. According to a report in Star, the new love with whom J Lo is having a “steamy affair” is none other than singer Marc Anthony. The magazine reported that the former Bennifer half has been spending a lot of time in Miami and LA with the Euro-suave, chest-baring pop star.

However, Lopez’s camp has said that the two are just working — they’re recording a track for her latest flick ‘Shall We Dance’. Star says that J Lo has been crying on his shoulder about her break-up with Ben Affleck, and that she has been Anthony’s bosom buddy during his brush with the dark side of love.

She also reportedly spent a romantic Valentine’s Day with her former flame, Marc Anthony. According to Teen Hollywood, despite recent reports that she had reunited with her one-time lover, P Diddy, Lopez got intimate with Anthony as they partied with friends at her Miami mansion. A fellow guest told The People, “Jennifer and Marc hugged and kissed at the pool. The whole crowd was having a great time. Marc was even singing.”The friend added the pair spent the Valentine’s weekend together and even visited Anthony’s mother. “Marc would do anything to be with Jennifer. He’s never gotten over her. He’s madly in love with her. Even when he was married, he was still pining for Jennifer,” another said.

And J Lo’s mushrooming romance with Anthony seems to be sizzling with reports that the sexy actress has been sneaking her new love onto her private plane. The “Jenny From the Block” singer has been spending quality time with her former flame since calling off her engagement with Affleck, reports Teen Hollywood. And last month Lopez and Anthony were photographed sneaking onto Lopez’s private plane, trying to hole up beneath jackets so they wouldn’t be spotted.

Anthony is currently on the threshold of a divorce with beauty queen Dayanara Torres, following accusations that he had a lovechild with Miami, Florida waitress Elizabeth Leyva.

Lopez and Anthony had a brief romance before she dated Sean P Diddy Combs and recorded a duet “No Me Ames” on her debut album ‘On the 6’.

However, J Lo’s woes are far from over. What a difference a year makes. She got awful reviews for ‘Gigli’. Lost out on ex-fiancé Ben Affleck. And now worst of all — no one wants her beefy bum. Till last year, Lopez’s doughy derriere was all the rage in plastic surgery clinics, where flat-bottomed girls were flocking to get butt implants in an attempt to replicate J Lo’s ample rear end, according to a report in National Enquirer. Dr Richard Fleming, co-director of the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, told Planet Tab, “Hollywood thrives on youthfulness and influences how people all over the world judge beauty. And we’re always surprised by our patients’ top picks of celebrity features.”

“Jennifer Lopez’s lips are still considered appealing, but last year everyone wanted her butt — which now, no one ever asks for. That was last year’s look,” Fleming noted. “While a huge percentage of patients want to look like the strong ‘classic beauties,’ such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Charlize Theron, there are always those who request to look like the celebrities who might not be

classic beauties, but are hot at the moment,” he added.