Love stays forever

He walked through the door a tear in his eye

He lifted his sleeve and wiped it dry

He took a deep breath and stepped into the room

He closed his eyes he saw the gloom

She was there so very quiet and still

She seemed as though she was never ill

He slowly walked closer to her

The few weeks before became a blur

He reached out for her small white hand

Held it tight but could not understand

He took his ring placed it on her chain

Took his sleeve and wiped his eyes again

He slowly sat on the small white chair

Put out his hand and touched her hair

So perfect and blonde so long and neat

Without you I am incomplete

He whispered, I love you in her ear

Although you’re gone you’re always here

And at that moment his hand moved from her hair

To his heart you’re

always there

He slowly stood up and again took her hand

Things were clear he could now understand

Even if she wasn’t there with him

Inside his heart could

never be dim

He placed her hand

down by her side

Her imprint she left

so deep inside

For the last time he

softly kissed her

Still her body did not stir

He turned to walk toward the door

Then turned back to look once more

Her new small ring shone in the light

He closed the door she had lost her fight

And as surely as he said that day

In his heart she will always stay