LUX SUPERMODEL : For a place in the sun

Kathmandu :

They’ve come all the way from Biratnagar to Kathmandu to find their place in the sun, to be precise to be the Lux Supermodel.

She loves oodles of noodles, and this 5’6” belle seems to be quite an academician for Anjeena Bohora’s most memorable moment is the time when she stood first in class.

She loves dogs, wearing the classic colours of black and white and does not like cats.

Saying that her interest in modelling has been strong right from the days she was pretty young, and she is aiming to make it her career, and her aim is to become “the best most that can be”.

Should she win the hunt, Anjeena says she will work for the good of the needy and will spend the cash prize on providing education for the children of the needy.

Talent is all that it takes one to become a supermodel, says Anjeena.

Sanyukta Lamichhane is 5’3” (perhaps the petite of them all) and remembers the day she handed over her first salary to her mum as her most memorable day.

She was always interested in modelling “since my school days”, says Sanyukta and would love to do ramp walks.

She loves momo, dogs, Biratnagar, anything white, but cats are on her list of pet peeves.

If she were to win the contest and the prize money, she says she’ll

give it all to her mum because she has spent a lot in preparation for this contest.

According to her, one should be disciplined and always ready to give one’s best to be a supermodel. Sanyukta, who firmly believes in hard work and determination, says Kohinoor (who’s left the modelling world) is her favourite model, but rates India’s Katrina Kaif as her “all time favourite”.