Lwagoon bids goodbye

Kathmandu: About 1,40,700 people participated and cast their votes to select the best one singer in the last episode of Samsung Nepali Tara. The outcome, however, was a surprise one. A hushed silence prevailed among spectators when Shrijan Lwagoon failed to make his place among the top three. “The people’s verdict has let me down. I hadn’t the slightest inkling that I would be out at this stage of the competition, “ said Lagoon. Indira Joshi was, however, a lucky woman. “I will attempt to do my best in the coming days,” she promised, overjoyed to a cheering audience. Ramesh Pokharel and Pushpa Poudel retained their previous spots. Whom the public choose to cherish will be a matter of concern and great anticipation for all music lovers in the capital and outside next week.