Madge and Gaga’s catfight

LOS ANGELES: Pop diva Madonna and English singer Lady GaGa stunned America by staging a catfight on live TV.

The two singers performed a synchronised dance-off, dressed in matching black lingerie and knee-high boots, as part of a comedy skit on Saturday Night Live, which was called to a halt when Madonna started pulling GaGa’s wig and throttling her, yelling, “What the hell is a disco stick?” referring to the younger star’s hit, reports

The feuding pair was separated by the host of fictitious MTV show Deep House Dish, but a comedy war of words ensued as Gaga, the show’s musical guest, said, “Guess what Madonna, I’m totally hotter than you,” to which the latter girl replied, “Hey guess what, I’m taller than you. What sort of a name is Lady GaGa; it sounds like baby food”.

The pop pair ended the skit by moving in to kiss each other.