Madonna calls hubby her kids’ yes-man


Pop superstar Madonna says she is afraid she is becoming unpopular because her husband Guy Ritchie leaves all the disciplining to her.

According to, Madonna calls her husband a “pussy cat” with their 10-year-old daughter and six-year-old son because he always lets them have their way. She says: “Guy’s the yes man and I am the no man. If Guy had his way, they’d watch movies until three in the morning.”

However, when it comes to paparazzi, the pop diva breaks all rules and regulations. According to, Madonna has told her chauffeurs to do anything possible to evade paparazzi. And the drivers are breaking all rules. They are using fake police lights, not stopping for red lights, making illegal U-turns and speeding through major thoroughfares. One source watched Madonna’s drivers go trough 40 red lights in four days and angry pedestrians looked on.

One of her drivers Abel says, “Some days she gets in and says, ‘Abel, I don’t want to be followed’ — and I know what to do. She likes it when we do bad things.”