Make the right choice

College life. The thought that always filled my mind with curiosity and excitement.

While in school, I always dreamed of being a college student — so independent and carefree. Crossing through the iron gate, my dream was about to turn into reality. And it was the beginning of all kinds of confusion and perplexities.

Which stream to choose? Which college to to go? These questions haunted my mind. My choice of stream was quite easy as I have always been interested in science and I’m determined to pursue my career in the field. But the major problem was that of choosing the right college. After all, it is not an easy job to choose the best from among the hundreds of colleges mushrooming in every corner of the Valley.

So one day, four of us decided to take a tour of the Valley’s colleges.

Our tour lasted a whole day, from nine in the morning to six in the evening. We found some colleges to be really good while some were not. We found that some of the newly established colleges were as good as the old and reputed ones. Some offered heavy discounts and scholarships, whereas some were very expensive and above the reach of ordinary people. Some looked really grand from outside but from inside, they were not up to my expectations, while some were just the opposite.

From this tour, we found that not a single college is perfect. Each one lacks one thing or the other — some had really good infrastructure but a poor educational system, some had a very good educational system but had no extra-curricular activities. Each had its pros and cons.

We learnt a lot and most importantly we learnt how to make the right choice. We also learnt that one should be very careful while choosing a college, that we not hanker after the name but also consider the quality. — Sujeena Shakya, Little Angels’ School