Making friends in high school

High school life means making at least a couple of friends. If you think “I didn’t have any friends in junior school, so I probably won’t make any in high school”, then it’s time to think again.

First of all, high school is a much bigger place than your junior school. And second, you probably have a 50-50 chance of making at least a couple of friends. If you have a negative attitude, then drop it instantly! Start thinking positively. If you can’t, then start trying. Above all be yourself.

If you don’t like the gangster kind of look, and you’re more a rock kind of person, then don’t hide your interests. If you like Maths instead of Accounts, then don’t try to hide that either. Make friends in your English class. If you see someone having trouble in Maths and you are a Maths genius, then go over and help that person. I’m sure everyone out there would welcome some help in Maths.

Another way of making friends is watching everyone during break. If you see people sitting around and just doing nothing and looking pretty sad, then go over to them and introduce yourself and start a conversation. What’s their favourite subject, or what do they like doing in their spare time? This could be the beginning of a lifelong friendship.