Manisha spent B’day looking ugly

MUMBAI: It was Manisha Koirala’s birthday on August 16. And she was on the sets playing the most challenging role of her career. “It’s not a role that I carry home with happiness. In Deepti Naval’s film Do Paise Ki Dhoop Chaar Aane Ki Baarish I’m cast as a girl who not only has to look plain, she has to look ugly, sometimes plainly repulsive. It’s not easy playing someone like that. It affects me badly. So this was a sober birthday for me,” Manisha said.

Manisha is applying special makeup to be in character. “My look and the wretchedness of my character will remind people of Charlize Theron in Monster.”

Manisha was anyway in no mood to celebrate her birthday this year. “Normally I’ve a big party every year where I invite all my friends. Or I go off to one my favourite countries Spain or France. This year I was in no mood to travel or celebrate,” the actress said. “My father who was seriously ill is recuperating at home. And though he’s well on the way to recovery, I didn’t feel like a noisy party this time. I think I’m over all those party times.” Birthday this year was a peaceful family dinner. “With just me, my brother Siddharth, my bhabhi and my parents. And a few very close friends including Deepti, of course. I can’t ask for anything more… actually I can,” she says as an afterthought. “My boyfriend Chris could be with me. But he’s in the US working and unable to join me for my birthday. Never mind,” she consoles herself, “just the thought of having him around is enough.”

Any gifts for herself? “I’ve everything I can possibly want. But yes, at the end of this year I’m getting myself a house in Paris. I’m just waiting for real-estate prices to fall more.”

Happily Manisha’s birthday fell on Raksha Bandhan. “So it was a double celebration in my house. It’s very rare that both these occasions come together. It’s even rarer that all of us in the family are together for a double celebration. I guess I am one lucky girl.” — HNS