Marking Lhosar with Tamangs


It was indeed a happy day for all the Tamang people of the Valley who had gathered at the National Academy Hall on January 21 to celebrate a cultural programme organised on the occasion of Lhosar, which marks the beginning of the year of the pig.

The programme, organised by the Nepal Tamang National Federation Central Committee was

inaugurated by Speaker Subas Nembang.

The programme began with a traditional festival dance by young girls and boys in traditional Tamang attire. This was followed by songs by professional artis-tes in various languages like Tamang, Sherpa, Tibetan, and Nepali, which didn’t fail to give the feeling of Nepal’s rich diversity. The audience, who were mainly youngsters, enjoyed every bit of the programme.

Pema Sherpa, Dendy Sherpa, and Tenzing Nima were well received for their melodious numbers on traditional instruments tungna and santoor. Other Tamang singers like the Ram Bahadur Yonzon, Shasikala Moktan, Indira Lama Gurung received roaring applauds. And Rose Moktan with his popular Culcatte Kaiyo and Melambu ko Bazaar Ma got the crowd dancing.

While audience inside were enjoying the programme, the ones in the garden took a break at

the food stalls.

“We have organised the programme as part of our effort to put pressure on the government to declare Lhosar a national holiday,” said an organiser Shyam Tamang, General Secretary of the organising committee.

“And also to keep buoyant our culture,” added Gopal Yonzon, also from the organising committee.