Marry me: Liz plea to Nayar

LONDON: Liz Hurley, who turns 40 in June, desperately wants another child but insists on being married first because single motherhood “sucks”. Making a plea to Indian boyfriend Arun Nayar to propose, Hurley was quoted by Ireland Online as saying: “As I turn 40, I see marriage very differently. I can see why it is important for people to declare their intentions, make vows, and make proper, above-board plans for everybody, because that clarifies and simplifies things quite a lot.” The Estee Lauder model and sometimes actress, who recently launched her own beachwear collection, said she and Nayar would make their home in Britain rather than India. “I am delighted to spend vacations in Bombay (Mumbai) but I have a living to earn and a family to bring up, so I am sadly not in a position to go and hang out in

another country at will.” Meanwhile, she has been getting her son Damian used to Indian food. “He loves chapattis,” she said. — HNS