Massive crowds throng Bajaj showrooms for Nepathya passes

KATHMANDU: Nepathya is one well-loved band and their fans expressed their love for the band in hoardes on July 30 when they thronged several venues just to get the tickets to their concert — Nepathya Live in Concert.

“There were massive crowds in front of 17 Bajaj showrooms of the Valley. The crowds were so huge that we had to call the police. People waited to get their hands on the the wrist bands (passes) even before the showrooms opened. They had occupied every available space waiting for the showrooms to open,” said Punam Singh, Head of Marketing HH Bajaj.

Nepathya Live in Concert is scheduled for August 1 at DAV School Ground, Jawalakhel at the first ever unveiling of Pulsar RS and AS. Meanwhile, the passes for the concert were available at Bajaj showrooms.

Singh added, “The passes had been available since one week and people had queued for the tickets on other days too, but it was nothing like that of today (July 30). The crowd was out of control today.”

Passes are limited but people are pressuring them from all sides for more passes, while some are also willing to pay, informed Singh.

And Nepathya is in happy about this reaction. “We are happy to see the affection from the people. It feels great to know this and that people want to come to our show,” expressed Arpan Sharma from nepa~laya who manages Nepathya. Of course there will be people who will not be able to get the passes and Sharma says, “It is impossible to satisfy everyone which means another concert.”

The gates for the concert open at 5:30 pm and the performance will start from 7:00 pm sharp.


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