Meeting the ‘soldiers’

KATHMANDU: “I am not tired and till justice is served, I won’t be tired, and will be fighting and show a way to others,” said Sunar at an informal meet with the press organised here.

She believes she will succeed in her fight for justice. “The perpetrators have a fear inside them and

cannot even breathe peacefully, and that in itself is a kind of punishment for them,” she says, yet she wonders why thousands who are living with such pain didn’t come to the fore to seek justice.

She is worried for her life and for her case — if something happens to her, even the case she’s been fighting for will be dismissed.

A few months ago 300 similar cases were dismissed in court. She feels that the reasons for dismissal should be made public as to what kind of cases were dismissed as this has put a huge block on hope for people like her from getting justice.

Currently, she is living in Dhulikhel and has opened the Maina Bal Bikas, where she is working with children affected by the conflict. She is also working towards creating an advocacy forum in Kavre for such cases to be filed, and plans to organise district level programmes in Dhulikhel to put forth the demands of such victims.

Shahi is involved in agriculture in Dailekh and feels that previously in the villages both the army and Maoists were living in

fear of each other while the villagers lived in fear of both. But after reconciliation there is a sort of peace and understanding, but she isn’t very optimistic. “You don’t know what’s on their minds.”

After the elections Kamala Roka Magar was nominated as CA member (CPN Maoist) and is busy with the work of writing the new constitution. She said that Maoists haven’t lost their vision, and though all the dreams of the people haven’t yet been fulfilled, their biggest achievement was they were able to end monarchy, even though many lives were lost. She added that change doesn’t happen overnight; it will take some time.

Working as President of Students Organisation, UML, Jhankri believes that the students played a huge role in the political transformation in the country. She feels parliamentary discussions only are not enough, people’s voices should be given equal importance and is working towards putting forward these voices. She is busy with her nationwide campaigning, especially for issues like education, health and work.