Mesmerising evening with Jangam


Jeevan hamro sanglo

pani ho

Salala dajai

Pani jhai bagau salala

It was sheer delight to see the audience present at Nepalaya’s r-sala clapping and singing along to this evergreen song at the Paleti with veteran musician Deepak Jangam on July 27.

This well-known artist of contemporary Nepali music does not need any introduction. He is not only a composer but also a terrific lyricist and singer, which he proved at the event by singing his creations.

The evening was filled with music and memories. The evening started with the haunting song Yeti dherai maya diyi composed and penned by Jangam and sung by Narayan Gopal, which set the mood for all present in the hall. Welcoming everyone Jangam said, “Though I have been involved in music for almost 30 years, this is a new experience for me. This is the first time I am singing in front of other artistes. I will try my best to entertain you all.”

Along with entertaining his audience with the classic numbers, he also shared fond memories associated with the songs. Talking about renowned ghazal singer Gulam Ali, Jangam shared the story how he met the singer through Mehendi Hassan and that Ali just asked him to compose four songs penned by MBB Shah in just four or five days. Jangam had composed the song Lolaye ka ti thula timra dui nazar le at 2:30 am. When he sang the song during the programme, one could not help but agree with Paleti coordinator Aavaas who said, “Gulam Ali has sang those songs better than Urdu and one should be thankful to the composer for such a great creation.”

While singing another great hit Sawan ko jhari bani timi auna, Jangam shared how Narayan Gopal, who composed the music, wanted the lyrics to have the word Sawan ko jhari as his wife loved the tune very much. Then Jangam prepared the song for him on his special request.

He also sang other romantic numbers like Timi lai ma ke bhanu, Gajalu ti thula thula aankha and Kina kina timro tasbir along with the very popular romantically tragic song Euta Manche ko penned by Chandani Shah among others.

By the end of the programme, the content smiles of the faces of audience did prove that Jangam had entertained them all.