Metal mania


BLOOD SWEAT N METAL, the name itself speaks volumes for the metal show that’s going to be held on July 21 at the ex-British Army Hall, Pulchowk from 3 pm onwards.

The bands “72 Hours” and “Priest From Hell”

will be performing at the concert.

Priest From Hell is the opening band of the show and will be doing cover versions of songs by Six Feet Under, Marilyn Manson and Cradle of Filth. They will also be performing some of their original numbers.

The band 72 Hours will be playing some original numbers to entertain the crowd and will also be playing cover songs by bands such as Slayer, Sepultura, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Panthera.

The show is being organised by Odyssey Zorastrism Pvt Ltd to convey the message to youths to stay away from drugs.