Michele left with back problems from glee routines

LOS ANGELES: Glee star Lea Michele suffers for her art - the hit U.S. show's energetic dance numbers have left her with recurring back spasms.

The 23 year old plays wannabe actress Rachel Berry in the popular musical comedy, which is based around an all-singing, all-dancing choir at a fictional Ohio high school.

And the tough routines have taken their toll on the former Broadway star, who has been left with damaged back muscles.

But Michele insists she can learn to live with the condition - because her job is so much fun.

She tells Britain's OK! magazine, "We all did this one dance number a couple of weeks ago that was extremely gruelling. Now I have back spasms every so often. I'll be talking and be like, 'Excuse me a minute,' and my back will just spaz out. And then I'll be fine. But we ignore it because we're all just happy doing what we do. We don't pay attention to our injuries."