Miss Universe on Sallu’s bike

NEW DELHI: Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera finds actor Salman Khan “hot” and thinks he has “an amazing body,” an Indian national daily reported on October 30. Rivera, a Puerto Rican, met the star who gave her a ride on his motorbike in Mumbai.

“Yeah, I met Salman Khan,” the report quoted her as saying. “Well, he is hot for sure. He has an amazing body and a great sense of humour,” Rivera said, who visited India to promote an AIDS awareness campaign. Rivera also said she has never been in love. “But I truly believe in it (love). Maybe I will soon find the one for me,” she said.

Rivera said that the fact that she won the beauty crown in July is yet to sink in. “I only feel like Miss Universe when people want to take my pictures,” she said. She also said she plans to become an actress “like Angelina Jolie, who is very good”. Rivera is

taking part in the Miss Universe Foundation’s campaign to promote AIDS awareness in India, which is endorsing the message ‘Get Tested (for AIDS), It’s in Fashion’.