KATHMANDU: A group exhibition of more than 50 artists titled ‘Samisran’ opened at The Art Shop, Durbar Marg on September 29. All the creations being exhibited at the event were made during the one day workshop, which was held on September 18.

The best thing about this group exhibition is that it has an assortment of style and creativity. This exhibition is no exception as it includes works of many veteran artists like Shashi Shah, Uttam Nepali, Mukesh Malla, Madan Chitrakar, Sarda Chitrakar, Batsa Gopal Vaidya and Hem Poudel as well as works of younger artists.

The exhibition has the signature style of the veterans as well as new techniques of younger famous artists. Besides paintings the collection also has etchings and collages. In terms of form, there are abstract as well as landscapes and portraits. The many abstracts present in the collection give viewers a chance to imagine and figure out the mood of the creations.

Amidst this variety exists one common factor and that is the vibrancy of these pieces. Most of the artists have used bright colours and vibrant colour combinations and thus each piece possesses its own energy. Be it abstract of portrayals, the hues used are vivid and rich.

The collection has four pieces, which depicts the situation of flood victims. Organised by the Women Artist Group of Nepal the exhibition is being held to collect funds for the relief of Koshi flood victims.

The exhibition will go on till October 6. — HNS

Lines of beauty

KATHMANDU: Nature and its creations dominate the creations of the six artists whose debut group exhibition titled ‘Motive art exhibition’ is being held at the Sonja Art Gallery, Thamel.

Fresh out of college, these six artists — Anila Manandhar, Chandra Khadayar, Gynau Gurung, Manara Prajapati, Nagen Singh ‘Prabhat’ and Ramila Maharjan — have depicted nature’s beauty and also the beauty of man-made architectures.

One can see different forms of landscape, various temples around the Valley and also the ever-famous tudal of Nepali temples.

The only male member of the group, Nagen Singh, has also included some collage in his collection. His paintings dwell on nude forms and he has mostly used red and blue colours.

Being a group exhibition, one can see use of multiple mediums from watercolour to pencil on paper to mixed media to pen and ink.

All the artists have tried to present their very own styles by experimenting with different forms of medium giving the exhibition variety.

The exhibition is on till October 3. — HNS