Model couch potato

She’s 22, an undergraduate student of management and this is Roshani Shrestha’s first step into the glamourous world of high fashion and modelling. She sent in her application after seeing the ad in THT, and this 5’6.5” belle whose vital statistics are 32-25-34 has made it to the Top 20.

A self-confessed TV-addict, Roshani says she just loves watching anything on television. Though she enjoys watching the serials aired, her favourites are Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks shows.

White is her favourite colour because “it is a mixture of all colours and enhances your beauty”. She adds she is partial to this colour because she had worn it during her audition for the supermodel hunt. And Lumbini being her birthplace, she puts it as the best place in the world.

And this supermodel aspirant, who hasn’t thought about what she’d do if she becomes the supermodel, would spend the cash prize (if she were to win) shopping and on treats for family and friends.

Perhaps she’ll spend most of it on momos as she loves gorging on buff momos.

People with an attitude, who are over confident and over smart and arrogant to the hilt turns Roshani off, who says her mother is her favourite person as “she is more like my friend”.

She believes that a supermodel should be confident, have good looks and an expression that fits the clothes, and above all should possess inner beauty. For her, the models who embody all these super-qualities are Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks.