Model man and more

The Nepali music scene has changed indeed! We lack good models for music videos. But not to worry, here comes Sujil Karmacharya! He featured in Anil Singh’s popular number “Dubna Deu” opposite Jharana Bajracharya. Sujil is among those few who have perfected their work. And to boot it all, this model is not just good looks and acting skills. He is also a civil engineer in a hydropower company ‘Khoranga Khola’. So, whaddaya think?

“I am not a professional model,” says Karmacharya. “The credit of how I presented myself in the video goes to Alok Nembang, Bidur Pandey, Jharana Bajracharya and other crew members who were involved in that project.” Modesty too! So, how was it working with Jharana? “Well ... she is very friendly and helped me understand my part and make an effort in acting. I wanted to thank her for the support she gave me.” Sujil was even mistaken by some to be Anil Singh. What does he have to say? “The advantage of being in that video is people began to know me but the disadvantage is that many thought I was Anil!” Has it come to your notice yet? Sujil also a band member of ‘Seasons’. Surprise! Does “Asar Sawan Ko Simsimey Jharima” ring a bell? It was a one-hit wonder. Thereafter, the band went underground. Now after seeing Sujil in “Dubna Deu”, some remembered him still as the lead guitarist of ‘Seasons’.

“We were not lost but just inactive. To some extent Anil’s music video helped create the awareness that ‘Seasons’ is still around. In fact we are coming out with our third album 7*3= 21 within this month,” says the handsome hunk. Wait and watch! — HNS