Modern Bond

LONDON: Pierce Brosnan thinks James Bond has ‘totally changed’ since Daniel Craig has taken over the role. Pierce Brosnan thinks James Bond has modernised.

The 56-year-old actor, who played the British spy in four of the movies, believes the iconic character has changed dramatically since his successor Daniel Craig took over the role. He said, “It’s totally changed since Daniel Craig is playing it. They wanted to modernise Bond. I didn’t stop voluntarily”. “We talked about a fifth movie and then came the call that I am out, total change of direction. That was very hard”.

Although he was upset to be axed from the action franchise, Brosnan claims that since his last Bond outing in 2002’s Die Another Day, his career has changed for the better.

He told website, “So much the better how my career evolved. But being an actor is only my second career choice. Primarily I am a father”. Despite his thoughts on the role, he has previously claimed he hasn’t seen Daniel playing Bond.