Money does not tempt everyone

I will not pick it up in any case. I do not believe that it as an achievement to delight in other people’s money. I think life can be made meaningful only through hard work. There are many people who think that earning money by whatever means is worthwhile. Ganesh Niraula, Birgunj

I will pick it up because today money makes the world go round. I would spend the money for personal rewards.Shanti Lama, Kathmandu

One day I was travelling in a microbus and I found Rs 300 in the back seat. I asked fellow passengers whether that purse belonged to anyone. A man sitting next to me said it was his and I handed the money over to him. I would not say that I will not pick it up but I definitely will try to find the owner. If it is a purse or a money pouch, I will look for the address or ID card and contact the person and handover the belongings. If it is a big sum of money, I will try to find out the person by all possible means but if it still does not help, then I will not regret keeping it. Rajendra Prasad Pangeni, Kathmandu

I would rather pick it up and give it to a beggar who has better use for it since it is uncertain that the owner may get it back. Someone else may take it or may be the money may not be of as much importance to the owner than the poor beggar.

Tamanna, Kathmandu

I will pick it up and hand it over to those who really need it since we are often told that helping means taking a few steps towards benevolence. But picking up money lying on the street and using it for one’s own interest is rather selfish.

Nirmala Niraula, Jhapa

I would pick up the money and utilise and invest it in eradicating poverty and help uplift the downtrodden. Money that has been received by easy means does not necessarily bring happiness. It would be far better to utilise it for social service. If the sum of money is too small, I will give it to the poor who can have a square meal.

Bishnu Nepali, Tanahun

I would probably pick up the money and use it as soon as possible because I have been told that things that are found do not take long to disappear again.

Manashwi Dhakal,


If I am in need of some money, then I will not return it to the very person to whom it belongs because that does not mean I have stolen it. I will believe that god has helped me in his own way. Otherwise, I will help some handicapped or hungry person to meet their needs. Once I lost some money that was needed to fill up my forms for the examinations but unfortunately no one returned it to me. That has made me bitter because I could not fill up my forms.

Rajesh Chaudhary,


If it is a coin, I’ll never pick it because someone may have thrown it to get rid of his or her bad luck. If it is a small amount, I’ll spend it. And if it is a big amount, I’ll wait for at least a week or so to see if anybody comes and claims it and make sure that it goes to the right person. If nobody turns up, I’ll have a blast.

Manish, Baneshwor

Since my childhood, my parents and grandparents have been telling me not to ogle at other people’s money and be satisfied with whatever I have. Many a times, while walking on the streets, I come across some coins lying here and there and when I see such things, I remember the lessons from my family. If someone picks them up, it is all right; otherwise I leave them where they are. However, I will not say picking up such money is bad. That money which is lying unclaimed and useless can be donated to needy people. But I have come across many people who take it saying that it has been sent by goddess Laxmi. They justify it saying that not picking up the money would mean displeasing the goddess of wealth. How one feels and deals with such circumstances is absolutely is an individual’s personal decision.

Ambika Pandey, Chitwan

I will surely wonder for a while whether I should pick it up or not. If it contains a considerable sum, I am surely going to take that happily but I believe that the one who has lost that amount knowingly or unknowingly (for sure) must be really worried. So, to get rid of guilt pangs, I shall spend some amount of it on charity.

Tripti Niroula, Kathmandu

If I find some money somewhere, I will certainly pick it up because I know that if I don’t, someone else will. I’ll ask people around. I know that everyone gets tempted but I also know that there are still some people who are honest. Many people carry their identity cards in their wallet so I think it’s better to return it to the right owner. But if the owner is still elusive, then I think that no one is devoid of the love of money and so am I.

Kalyan Adhikary, Kathmandu

Without a second thought, I would pick up the money. It is the nation’s property after all so why let it go wasted? If anyone claims the money, I would honestly return it. If I find a big sum with an address, I would surely inform the police.

Grisham Niroula, Kathmandu

Generally people would pick up money if they find it, even if it is not theirs. But there are also people who are afraid to pick it up. But how each individual spends it depends on an individual’s behaviour. If the person is in need of money and he finds some, he generally utilises it to fulfil his needs. If the person is really in need of money then he will fulfil his

desires. But there are also people who spend the money for social work. How one spends the money also depends on sex. Generally men spend it on themselves whereas women usually spend it on their friends. In my case, I will pick it up and give it to other people who are in need of it. Asha Basnet,

freelancer, clinical psychologist

I won’t pick up the money because what I believe is if that person has lost it or forgotten it somewhere, he/she will for surely come back to look for it. And if I don’t pick it up then he has a better chance of getting back his money.

Shiva Shrestha, actor

It depends on the quantity of money. And if I do pick up — a very large sum — I will first ask the people around if it belongs to them. If I don’t find the owner, I will go to the police

station and give it to them because the person might go there asking for help. If the sum is a small, I will spend it on myself.

Nabin K Bhattarai, singer

When I was a kid, I used to pick up money I found and buy chocolates. But later on I heard that it s unlucky to pick up money which we find. I have not found such money for a long time and even if I do find an amount, I won’t pick it up.

Sugam Pokharel, singer