Monkeys slap Ben Stiller

LOS ANGELES: Hollywood funnyman Ben Stiller had the time of his life when he was beaten up by two monkeys recently on the set of his new movie “Night At The Musuem: Battle Of The Smithsonian”.

The incident took place when the actor was filming a fight scene with the mischievous animals and they gave him several slaps on his face and body, reported Though Stiller wanted to punch them back, he dropped the idea for the sake of animal rights laws and took out his frustration on a dummy monkey instead.

"We have two (monkeys) this time. I had to do a slap fight with them. I basically get slapped by both of them, but I am not allowed to slap them back because of animal rights, so I have to slap a dummy or a tennis ball when they're off-screen. It's a weird experience," Stiller said.