KATHMANDU: So many of us have to deal with makeup mayhem during this humid and rainy season. The risk of makeup being washed out or soiled is there but that doesn’t mean we avoid makeup. It is better to use waterproof products because these kinds of makeup materials do not easily wash out from your face.

Also remember that the mantra for monsoon make up is sheer and light. With the following tips, remain pretty as ever even in monsoon.

•To ensure that your makeup stays for a longer time, wash and cleanse you face thoroughly before applying makeup. Rubbing ice on your face will also work as it lowers the sweating rate of your face.

•It is important to keep your skin cool and fresh; those with oily skin can use an astringent and those with dry and normal can use a toner.

•Try not to use foundation during monsoon; a slight powder will do.

•Light brown, pastel, pink or beige are the colours for this season. For lipstick, soft matte is the most preferable one and it can be a pink shade or soft brown with sheer gloss.

•Blush-on for monsoon makeup should be light and blended well.

•Water-based moisturisers should not be neglected in wearing monsoon makeup as this will help in preventing oily skin, water loss and acne that are caused by sweating and perspiration.

•Hairstyles should be simple and easy. Do away with elaborate styles. Layered and bangs are fine.