Morton dismisses Jolie affair with mother's lover

LOS ANGELES: Controversial biographer Andrew Morton has dismissed reports his new Angelina Jolie tell-all suggests the actress romanced her mum's lover.

The British writer, who has penned exposes about Princess Diana and Tom Cruise, has turned his attention to Jolie - and gossips are beginning to speculate about what information the book throws up.

Morton insists the book will be a great read, but it won't make claims the actress slept with her late mother Marcheline Bertrand’s live-in lover when she was just 16 - a fling that allegedly destroyed the relationship.

Morton tells Life & Style magazine, "It’s about as true as I’m sitting on this horse."

The author is refusing to reveal what he's gathered for his book.

He's not the only writer digging up the dirt on Jolie - investigative journalist Ian Halperin's new tome, Brangelina Exposed, will hit bookstores on 1 December (09). His book takes a look at the actress' courtship and relationship withBrad Pitt.